Æ Synctx keep trials of an avant-explorer in fashion, design and art area.

 We are a design group of creativity that find out ‘good’ sources from various and irrelevant elements and bring these into a fusion of ‘good’ things through exploring and experimenting.


 The most important point is, a repetition(habituation) of being inspired from unexplored good sources.

Ideas come up every seconds when we face any new informations.

We fabricate it via accidental or intentional trials and errors.


We attach an essence to the astonishing(beautiful, flawless) curved surface of human body and the design components(elements) that are born through the encounter of gravity and various artificial creations.


With these roots of broad spectrum and constant interaction with the overflowing subconscious,

we are oriented to take it slightly from the realm of the unconscious, and express it as an ambiguous, faint way and that’s why it is beautiful.



Æ Synctx branches out into(is divided into, is positioned into) 3. 


one. SYNCTX 

‘synectix’ is the main clothes line.

The front 3(s,y,n) show(is) relatively accessible design.

The back 3(c,t,x) show experimental and technical design.

 * Each alphabets function as an organizer of similar design technics.


two. Art pc

 ‘a’ is the line of an aggregation(collectivity) of every landom factors(is there any other correct meaning of word?) that we intend to pull out. 

This line serves(is used to) as a mean to continue experimental work.

*Order-made only. You can get your own experimental suit that fits your size.


three. Etc

 ‘e’ is the line of et cetera and any other new trial.

This line serves(is used to) as a prevention from narrow field of vision.

we can set the foot on(reach to)any area of challenge through the line.

it can be anything except for ‘SYNCTX’ and ‘A’.